Constitutional Amendments

Hello everybody!

Welcome to the blog section of the website, where I will be updating you with various bits of news in place of the weekly newsletter that we used last year. This will allow for a quicker update than waiting until Monday every week to throw it all together into a newsletter with a picture of a cat (R.I.P cat pictures you will be missed).

Attached are the minutes for this week’s committee meeting, which contained the Constitutional Review, thus leading to some changes to the society. You can find the minutes here:

Minutes- 18.05.2016

As for the actual changes, it has now been decided that:

  • A new sanction system that’s easier to access for all members has been put in place.
  • Starting next year, the role of Welfare Officer (which is currently being defined thoroughly) will be put into place.
  • All members are now allowed to vote on which play we perform next, not just committee.

And that’s all! Have a nice week everybody!

Ryan Hutton
KDS Secretary