Congratulations to all our new freshers!


I’m just writing to say congratulations on your results and welcome to Keele!

I apologise for this post being a few days late- we’ve been having a busy time up at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where we staged our latest play, A Waiting Room, for a week and just generally had an absolute blast! But as I was saying, welcome to Keele. If you’re reading this, the chances are that you’re thinking of joining the KDS (Keele Drama Society). If so, feel free to come and find our stall at the Welcome Festival on Sunday 25th September, or the Freshers Fair on the 26th and 27th, or just come along to our first social at the KPA, 8PM, on Wednesday 28th.

There has never been a better time to join the KDS, with us performing 6 plays this year- including a musical that is to be staged at a local theatre, our yearly Shakespeare, and the play that we will take to the Fringe Festival. As well as this we have a wide variety of workshops to take part in, are starting our own channel called SkitTank (based on skits that you create), and will be holding our annual charity event: Play-in-a-Day. Of course, we’re doing so much more, though where would be the fun in ruining the surprise of the plans that we have so early?

It is also worth knowing that we cater to more than just actors at the KDS. I, myself, rarely act and I’m a very active member within the KDS. There’s writing, directing, stage handing and so much more that you can get involved in. We even have some members who stick around just for the people and social aspect!

Whether you’re new to theatre or have been involved in it for your entire life, we have a place for you at the KDS. So, join one of the biggest, most active societies on campus, and be part of something a little different. And, again, congratulations on your results.

Ryan Hutton
KDS Secretary