Welcome Week

Good morning everybody.

Welcome Week, otherwise known as Fresher’s Week, is upon us next week. Though time has flown by since you’ve been accepted into University, we’ve been hard at work ensuring that everything is right and stable for your arrival. The first point at which you can find us is on Sunday 25th September, at the Welcome Festival on Concourse. We’ll have a stall and even 20 minutes on the stage, for which we have a little something planned for everybody to watch. Feel free to come and find us at any point, during which we’ll happily tell you all about Drama at Keele and anything else you’d like to know. Also that evening will be the second bid discussion for our first play of the year, since, due to unforeseen rights reasons, Amadeus has been dropped. You can come along and really get into the politics of the KDS by voting for which play you want to be performed in the slot of our first play of the year. You will have had to have paid the hefty membership fee (£3) before voting, however.

If you don’t catch us at the Welcome Festival, we’ll be around 10am-4pm on both Monday and Tuesday at the Fresher’s Fair, so feel free to approach our stall and sign up then. If you’ve already signed up feel free to find us anyway and have a nice chat- we always like those. Wednesday night will see our 90s themed social at the KPA (starting from 8PM), after which we will be heading to the SU to relive our lives as 10/11 year olds as we watch Basshunter try to battle his dying fame on stage. It promises to be a great night, and our social sec Rebecca Jones has a whole lot planned.

During the final weekend of Welcome Week we’ll be holding auditions for the musical that we’ll be performing at the Stoke Rep in May 2017, Jock-on-the-Go. This will be KDS’ first full musical and the directors (myself and Hannah Hobson) have decided to hold off casting the entire cast until the Freshers are all here. Auditions are open to anyone from the university. October 1st will see the group dance/singing auditions, though they’re not as intimidating as one would think. You’ll be in a group and everybody will be in the same boat. Most people are a little nervous, so don’t worry if you’ll be a little nervous too. The musical itself is a farce, and so most dancing and singing will be upbeat and tonnes of fun (I’ll even be getting involved during rehearsals to show you that you’re all better than at least one person in the room). October 2nd will see the individual auditions take place. You’ll sign up for a time and will have to perform an extract from the script given to you, alone. You will also have to sing part of a song from the musical (again, we’ll give that to you) and sing a song of your choice to show off your strengths as far as singing goes. That second song isn’t compulsory, though we strongly advise that you sing it.

The week after Welcome Week will be auditions for the first play of the year, and on Wednesday 5th October, during 2-4pm is our KDS Open Day, which will have tonnes of different workshops run by our members showcasing the many different aspects of the KDS (it’s not all just acting, you know). Here’s the Facebook page for that event: https://www.facebook.com/events/876786392458547/

Sorry that was so much information all thrown into one post. Don’t be afraid to contact us if you have any questions at soc.drama@keele.ac.uk or just ask us when you meet us in person. We look forward to meeting you all (and welcoming you back, if you’re a returning member).

Ryan Hutton
KDS Secretary