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Ladies, Gentlemen, Other,

Welcome back. I hope that you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and delightful New Year full of responsible drinking (WINK). Now that the exam period is (finally) over, we can get on with our lives once more and get down to business with some Drama. Whether you’ve been with us for 3 years, or you’re considering joining in for the first time, you are more than welcome to come along to any of our upcoming activities. Speaking of which, here’s a list of what we have coming up this Semester, with more to be added as time moves forward.

Second Play Bid Discussion: Mason vs. El Kady (Wednesday 25th January, 5pm, CBA 0.003)

Okay, I lie. The committee meeting is at 5pm, but instantly following that will be the bid discussion (though you’re all welcome to come and contribute in the meeting, or just sit in and wait for the discussion). As decided in the 5 constitutional reviews last year, every paying member has the right to vote on the plays that we perform. Tomorrow will see us pick the Second Play of the year. The bids have been emailed out and can be found on our Facebook page (link below). We hope to see as many faces there as possible for the exciting decision.

Mimes Social (Wednesday 25th January, 8pm, KPA)

Kicking off the semester is our Mime Social, a social that’s accessible to old and new members alike. Just dress like a Mime and get ready to do mimesque things. There’ll be games, and drinks will be available at the bar. Some of us may even be going to the SU afterwards. It should be noted that, with the occasional exception, we always have a different themed social at this time and location every week.

The event can be found here:

Second Play Auditions (Monday 30th, Tuesday 31st January, Wednesday 1st February 6pm-10pm)

Whichever play comes out on top will have the pleasure of auditioning you lovelies. It’s going to be as simple as showing up and auditioning whenever you feel comfortable to do so. Make sure to have a good read of the audition pieces (which will be provided nearer to the time) though don’t worry about knowing every line off by heart- you’ll be able to take the pieces into the audition with you. It should also be noted that the Wednesday will be callbacks, if you receive one.

Writing and Improvisation Workshop (Wednesday 1st February, 4pm)

The first our Workshops this semester. Beginners and experts of writing and improvisation are welcome, and the workshop is always guaranteed to be a bit of light hearted fun. Come down for some midweek laughs and maybe even to learn to improve your skills as a writer and improvisation artist.

Mythical Madness (Friday 3rd February, 8pm)

Promising to be one of the biggest socials of the semester, Mythical Madness is the perfect cure to your Mythical Addiction (I’m trying so hard please forgive me). Run by this year’s social sec, Rebecca Jones, and last year’s social sec, Rory Smart, this social will be big. Like, huge. A bit like Zeus’ illegitimate child count. You can come as any figure from any form of mythology. Prizes of all sorts will be presented, so make sure to try your best to look dope. It’s going to be a good one.

Event here:

Shakespeare Bid Discussion (Wednesday 8th February)

Though rehearsals won’t start until the second play of the year ends, the bid discussion for this year’s annual Shakespeare. It’s the exact same as the second play of the Year Bid Discussion, but with Shakespeare!

Shakespeare Workshop (Sunday 18th February)

Mark Holland, local myth and Shakespeare expert, will be returning to host yet another Shakespeare workshop. Come along to learn about the only good thing happening at the beginning of the 1600s through the best way possible: acting. This workshop will ensure that you are ready to audition for our annual Shakespeare Play, or even direct it. Plus Mark’s just about the most fascinating man I have ever met and it’s kind of worth going just to meet him, to be honest.

Auditions for the Annual Shakespeare (Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd February)

Auditions for the Annual Shakespeare, as well as callbacks on the Wednesday. Same deal as the Second Play of the year.

Play-in-a-Day (Friday 24th 6:00pm-Saturday 25th 6:00pm)

Some would say that staying up for 24 hours in order to create and perform a play (and 24 sketches) for charity is something that only the insane would attempt. Those people would be correct to say so, but we’re doing it anyway. This year will see our third annual Play-in-a-Day, all in effort to raise money for the Anthony Nolan Trust. Last year we made over £700 and this year we intend to break that. You don’t have to be there for the full 24 hours to participate, and you can take part as much as you feel like it. How it works is that at 6:00pm on Friday we will pull a name that has been donated by the public (donations cost at least £3) and create a play based on that name. This year we aim to make over £1000 and are already 12% of the way there (at the time of writing this email).

Donate here:

Join in here:

Second Play of the Year Performance (Friday 10th, Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th March)

The time and location have yet to be decided, but save the dates for our second play of the year. No matter the pick, the play promises to be spectacular.

Jock-on-the-Go (Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd, Thursday 4th May, Stoke Rep Theatre)

The KDS’ first two-act musical in recent history, Jock-on-the-Go follows the tale of womanising prat returning home to Stoke-on-Trent and trying to find his place once more in the life that he left behind. Set in the 1920s with a strong score of jazz music, Jock-on-the-Go promises to be one hell of a show. By the time of showing, a year’s worth of hardwork and dedication will have gone into the final product, and it will most certainly show.

A Night to Remember (Sunday 28th May, Keele Hall)

This Year’s Oscars Event will be taking place a little later than usual and will double up with an event that celebrates the KDS’ past. Now this won’t take away from the Oscars event, and will simply act as a bigger version of Oscars on our home territory. Hosted by James Ryley and Rebecca Jones, this promises to be an outstanding night dedicated to achievement and history. It will make you proud to be part of the KDS. And you might even win an award or two, who knows?

The event is here:


And that’s it! We’re looking forward to another wonderful and successful semester with you all. Please do email with any questions that you have.

Ryan Hutton
KDS Secretary