Dorian’s Bouquet


The other week it was decided by the society that our second play of the year shall be a student written one by Ahmed El Kady named Dorian’s Bouquet. Commiserations also go to James Mason for his bid, Going for Gold, which was equally as worthy of being put on stage.

Dorian’s Bouquet follows the redemption of the indifferent King Hayden as he begins to re-explore his past relationship with his old mentor, Dorian, who was responsible for the death of Hayden’s father. With Hayden’s Nation, Merceuria, hanging on the brink of war, Hayden must find the mentor he once cherished and uncover the plot to finally plunge his nation into war.

Dorian’s Bouquet will be performed during the evenings of March 19th, 20th, and 21st in Keele SU Ballroom and will be both visually stunning and excellently acted by our members. It’s one well worth checking out. Here’s our cast list:

Hayden: Varinder Singh
Young Hayden: Ryan Hutton
Dorian: Hannah Evans
Nicholas: Emily Manship
Hayden’s Father: Connor Richardson
Symond: Tresor Mbuyi
Lawrence: Lawrence Camm
Lelya : Annabel Pilecka
Marcus: Rufus Dean
Oliver: Angus Meldrum
Samantha + Nurse: Laura Jenkins


Catch you all later!

Ryan Hutton
KDS Secretary