It is a little over a two weeks until we perform Jock-on-the-Go at the Stoke Rep Theatre! We are so excited to bring you this Peter Terson adaptation that has been a year long project that has involved a lot of hardwork by the talented students of Keele University.

We asked co-director Hannah Hobson more about directing such a huge project:

” When I came onboard the project around March last year, I never expected to fall quite so in love with this script and this team. It’s been an amazing journey, from meetings to auditions to rehearsals and I have been so proud to have been a part of.

Ryan and Joe have been invaluable throughout the process. When we got hold of the script, the zany comedy and theatricality of the piece was so exciting to read but we wanted to really put our own stamp on it. So we restaged it in the 20s and spent our summer holidays rewriting the script for our cast. Ryan and I batted the script back and forth for weeks, gradually shaping it to work for the company we had. With these adjustments and Joe’s revisions of the score (including a couple of original songs), we created the script you will see onstage tonight. I am proud to call these two my co-writers and my co-directors.

Right at the beginning, Ryan and I said that we wanted to do a lot of work with ensemble, something we would need a strong cast for. Every actor in our eleven strong company would need to take on several parts to inhabit the colourful and diverse world of Bennett’s short story. No-one is simply “chorus” in this show, at any given moment every person on that stage is a character, the challenge of which every actor has met with skill and enthusiasm. For over a year, these actors have dealt with crazy scheduling, crazier directors and constant script changes. They astound me and I am honoured to work with every single one of them. Special mention here must go to Maia, our liaison, who has steered the cast and crew through a difficult rehearsal process and kept us all sane.

Whatever challenges this production might have faced, we have been blessed by the people who surround us. An amazing production team, who have really pulled through on our set and costume, and a cast and crew who will really give their all in every performance. It’s been a long haul but these people have made it all worth it.”

Make sure you get your tickets for this performance here:
Performances on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May at the Stoke Rep Theatre. Doors Open at 19:00. All tickets £9.