KDS: Charity

We have had a fantastic year for Charity and volunteer work, raising around £2281 in total across two charity events this year (for Anthony Nolan). We had our annual One-Acts festival which showcased 6 fantastic student written projects this year, from musicals to high school love affairs. Another fantastic event of ours was this years Play in a day! This took place in February and was the third annual holding of this event. To explain what its all about, people submit play titles to us with a donation, on the night we randomly select one of these titles to be our play title, and then through the night we pick a further 24 titles to make into short sketches for our YouTube channel. We then have 24 hours to write, direct and perform a 24 minute play and 24 sketches all about these titles. This year over 30 people got involved on the night, putting a estimated total of 695 volunteer hours for that week (being equivalent to the entire month of February). Most of those involved stayed for the entire 24 hours, though some people dipped in and out.

The event wasn’t all about the actual night, as it had been in the works for a couple of months, planned by certain individuals with several meetings and strategies being put in place so the night would go as smoothly as possible. We also held several ‘stalls’ advertising the event around campus, bucketing, giving out leaflets and taking suggestions for names. These were very sucsessful and helped spread the word of our attempt. We also held a special Open Mic night to further promote and fundraise for the event.

The event itself, as previously said, was an extreme success. Title for the play that ended up being picked was ‘And my Grandfather is Better Than That…’ which the writers turned into a hilarious adventure that took place at a Bargain Event, involving thievery, kidnapping and a man being mistaken for an antique. It all ended with an audience interaction where the audience got to pick the plays resolution by way of applause. The play was fantastic and very well recieved, featuring about 15 different actors playing various roles and was a fantastic end to the 24 hours.

The sketches were also something to behold. This year, building off the issues of last years event, we picked 6 titles every 6 hours rather than 1 an hour that had been done in previous years. This gave us a lot more time to put out quality content and was a very helpful addition tot he format. The sketches were overseen by the media team leader and coordinated by the media team. Though everyone involved participated in the making of sketches, there was a dedicated team of around 8 people that were solely responsible for the production of sketches. because of this. the production value of these sketches were phenomenally high and some of the content produced would not have been out of place on any sketch comedy show. Some of the most popular sketches were ‘Fedex don’t deliver to you’, ‘Sue Impersonates a Peacock’ and ‘We sacrifice James Ryley to the God of Fatigue’. (All of the sketches are available to watch on our YouTube channel if you were curious!)

The event was a great success; a grand total of £1476.45 was raised and everyone involved had a fantastic time, even if they were exhausted afterwards! To finish, here are some comments from some people involved:

“It was stressful, chaotic at times, and one of the best things that I’ve ever done. I can’t thank everyone enough, they were all amazing. Every single person who was involved gave it their all and I couldn’t be prouder of them and what we achieved.”

“All in all, Play in a Day was fantastic. It was a hilarity filled 24 hours doing what I love: spending time with my friends. And we raised so much money for a great cause. And my god would I do it again. Now if they’d let me.”