KDS: Inclusivity

In terms of inclusivity, we have made an extreme effort to host a variety of social events this year. We have socials every Wednesday and this year have collaborated with a few other societies, in particular we teamed up with Keele Yoga Club to hold a yoga session for our members of our society, which was extremely well received and enjoyed by all who attend. We offer several workshops throughout the year to cater to everyone, the most recent being writing and improv based as well as a Shakespeare Workshop ran by one of our Alumni. We have a few more planned for when we come back after Easter, including a stage combat workshop run by one of our alumni as well as several read-throughs of plays. We have also started a new project KDS Does Sports where as an alternative social we play a different sporting game every week. We have already started running these sessions and whilst the project is still finding its feet it has been extremely well received by our members.

A common misconception in drama is that if you are not in the cast of the current play then you cannot get involved in the society, this is completely untrue as we encourage students to get involved with us in whatever capacity that they would like. For those that do not get parts in the current play we encourage participation in other areas, including various backstage roles. Our backstage team, affectionately termed the ‘Stage-Techies’ has increased in size this year as we have developed a strong team of dedicated individuals keen to get involved in other aspects of production including stage handing, light and sound design, prop making and costumes.

We also created the role of Welfare Officer in October 2016, this was due to a motion passed in one of our constitutional reviews brought up by one of our students and coincided nicely with the SUs own initiative. The role has now been changed slightly for the new coming academic year to be the Welfare and Engagement Officer, but still covers the same thing, to oversee all welfare aspects of the society. With this committee role, I feel has certainly helped our members in the long run and increased the capacity of support we are able to offer our members.