The Crucible Directors Update

Keele Drama Society’s first play of the year for 2017/18 is The Crucible by Arthur Miller. However this production is not a traditional version of the story, but rather a retelling of the Salem witch-hunt set inside a 20th century school. Restaging the play in this manner was a challenge, as it meant that every […]


KDS: Inclusivity

In terms of inclusivity, we have made an extreme effort to host a variety of social events this year. We have socials every Wednesday and this year have collaborated with a few other societies, in particular we teamed up with Keele Yoga Club to hold a yoga session for our members of our society, which […]


KDS: Charity

We have had a fantastic year for Charity and volunteer work, raising around £2281 in total across two charity events this year (for Anthony Nolan). We had our annual One-Acts festival which showcased 6 fantastic student written projects this year, from musicals to high school love affairs. Another fantastic event of ours was this years […]



It is a little over a two weeks until we perform Jock-on-the-Go at the Stoke Rep Theatre! We are so excited to bring you this Peter Terson adaptation that has been a year long project that has involved a lot of hardwork by the talented students of Keele University. We asked co-director Hannah Hobson more […]

The New Committee

Hello all. This will most likely be the final post that you see from me, given the results of the election. It’s only going to be a quick one detailing our new committee for the next year. Chair: Ryan Hutton Secretary: Conor Richardson Treasurer: Kiera Wade Welfare and Engagement Officer: Rory Smart Press and Publicity […]

Macbeth 2017

Hi all. Earlier this week it was decided that Macbeth shall be our annual Shakespeare performance this year. Directed by Hannah Evans and James Mason, this tale of Macbeth shall have a political theme to it (I know, topical). Who will you vote for? Macbeth? Banquo? Lady Macbeth? Make sure to turn up to the […]


KDS Does Play in a Day V.3

24 Hours. 24 Sketches. 1 Play. Yes, it’s that time of year for KDS’ annual Play in a Day. Will it be funny? Will it be tragic? Will it be outright surreal? Will James Ryley have his head shaven? Will Ryan Hutton have his head shaven? Who knows? We don’t. On February 24th, at 6pm […]

Dorian’s Bouquet

Greetings. The other week it was decided by the society that our second play of the year shall be a student written one by Ahmed El Kady named Dorian’s Bouquet. Commiserations also go to James Mason for his bid, Going for Gold, which was equally as worthy of being put on stage. Dorian’s Bouquet follows the redemption […]