Comedy Of Errors


In May 2015

KDS ended the year with a classic comedy by William Shakespeare, The Comedy Of Errors. Performed with the iconic backdrop of the Clockhouse Courtyard, KDS set there comedy in a travelling circus with fantastic costumes and staging (in the round). The Comedy of Errors tells the story of two sets of twins separated at birth at the comical happenings the occur when they end up in the same town. 
Summer Shakespeare

At the end of every year we perform Shakespeare outside! This year the Comedy of Errors was chosen and directed by James Ryley and Polly Harrison.

One of the directors, Polly Harrison, tell us about her experience:

Comedy of Errors is almost certainly the best production i have ever been involved in. Working with James and the fantastic cast was such a fantastic experiance i wish we could do it all over again. Even despite the freezing cold, i loved every minute of it, and the stories i have from it are definitely ones im going to to keep hold of forever

Clockhouse Courtyard

For the first time in a long time, KDS performed in the iconic Clockhouse Courtyard. It was cold and the chairs were uncomorftable but the audience were warmed by a spectacular performance in the round!