Theatre Visits

Our Trips to the Theatre!

As well as the society being busy in preparing its on shows, KDS have organised socials to go & see theatre productions elsewhere! This past term, we have seen two productions at the New Vic; the first, the energised and fun-packed show Robin Hood & Marian, & the second, Shakespeare's hilarious comedy, The Merry Wives.

Robin Hood & Marian

A Christmas show perfect for all ages, this production got us excited to join in, as it had live music, dance and some awesome stage combat. With New Vic's theatre in the round, the set design was brilliant, as no matter where Hood went- to the forests or the castle- the design created realistic imagery of these locations. 

The Merry Wives

A less well-known Shakespeare play that left us all in stitches. Starting as a very naturalistic comedy, the story revolving around a man named Falstaff who attempts to court two very merry wives(you can see the issue here), none of us quite expected one of the hilarious final scenes. By the end, there were strange mystical creatures dancing, skipping, hopping on and off bikes on the stage, together with a live chorus and a live band playing. Such a scene was completely planned by the two married ladies who Falstaff had been tricking so not only was the audience in complete shock as to what was going on, too was the old man Falstaff! A brilliant yet simple play that had its elements of the surreal- a comically brilliant performance!


Want to join us to the theatre? Next up we have our theatre trip on the 11h October! Click the link below: