Arnold Bennett’s Production of “Jock On The Go”

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The Arnold Bennett Production of "Jock On The Go"

Keele Drama Society are collaborating with the prestigious Arnold Bennett Society to perform an adaptation of one of his classics, "Jock-on-the-Go." This project will be running throughout the next year to perform this spectacular production both at the university and at the Stoke Rep Theatre. One of the first musicals the society has produced in a long time, Jock promises to be an ambitious and zany project that we will talk about for years to come.
Directors, Hannah Hobson and Ryan Hutton, are super excited for the project: "It's the kind of once in a generation opportunity that doesn't come to the KDS very often"

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Performances on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of May at the Stoke Rep Theatre. Doors open 7pm. All tickets £9